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Devathai 23-07-2016 – Sun TV Serial Watch Online

Devathai is in the ballpark of three aspects of a 27-year-old young lady Annapoorani who runs a container serving nourishment at low costs, helps mates unite in wedlock whatever the challenge and battles to settle down in life as all plans neglect to get her wedded.Devathai is a Tamil cleanser musical drama that affectation on Sun TV. Regulated by P. Niravipandian It premiered on 1 July 2013 and is, no doubt publicized each Monday through Saturday at 12pm. The show is generated by Abhinaya Creations.the story around a lady who chooses to make a new begin in her Happy life. Anyway her Life voyage is riddled with numerous tests and intricacies that constrain her to shroud her actual identity.synopsis: The story around a lady who chooses to make a crisp begin in her Happy life.

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