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En Kanavan En Thozhan 09-04-2015 – Vijaytv Serial

En Kanavan En Thozhan is the story of Sandhya’s battles, who longs for turning into an Ips officer. She dreams to break the borders of her bound presence of white collar class qualities. The story is additionally about Sooraj, who is a self reliant man. Sooraj runs a well known sweet shop close to his house. Sooraj and Sandhya get ...

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Nandhavanam 09-04-2015 – Vijaytv Serial

Radhika takes Ishaan to her room. Lucky tries to slap a waiter and Suhana stops him. Radhika tells Ishaan that she cannot marry him. Everyone teases Ishaan. Ishaan is upset and his mother calms him down. Watch Nandhavanam, a new fiction on Vijay TV from Vijay Tv Nandhavanam Serial – Nandhavanam Today Episode, Nandhavanam Daily Serial, Daily TV Soaps, Tv ...

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En Vazhkai 09.04-2015 – Vijaytv Serial

Aditya teases Priya. Priya and family gets into the 3rd class AC compartment. Prem Anand comes to send of his family. Watch En Vazhkai, a new fiction on Vijay TV from Watch En Vazhkai, a new fiction on Vijay TV from ,Vijay Tv Tamil Serial En Vazhkai En Vazhkai Serial – En Vazhkai Today Episode, En Vazhkai Daily Serial, Daily ...

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Idhu Kadhala 09-04-2015 – Vijaytv Serial

Directed By : Arshad Khan, Lalit Mohan. Produced By : Gul Khan, Nissar Parvez, Rajesh Chadha Cast : Barun Sobti, Sanaya Irani Manorama tricks the contractor saying that the sweets are spoiled and that they will never get paid. Ashwin convinces his sister regarding Shyam’s absence. Shruthi takes out her anger by making Jilebi. Anjali and Grandma tells them to ...

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Sontha Bandham 09-04-2015 -Sun TV

Sondha Bandham is a serial based on sentiments and feeling and the importance of friends and relatives. The story line is like a tale of two families,Sun TV Tamil Serial Sontha Bandham der=”0″ />

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Bommalattam 09-04-2015 -Sun TV

Bommalattam is the story of Bharathi who falls in love with a guy but the situation demands her to marry another guy. She meets her ex-lover as the husband of her sister-in-law and how she copes with this situation forms the rest of the story Sun TV Tamil Serial Bommalattam

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Azhagi 08-04-2015 -Sun TV

Azhagi is the story of Sundari, a 40-year-old dowager, who has battled throughout the previous 20 years with the sole point of raising her youngsters all without anyone else present,Sun TV Tamil Serial Latest Episode Azhagi Today

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