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Sakthi Pola yarumilla 01-10-2014 – Polimer Tv

Beauty is not important only the talent matters in this world are important is illustrated by a girl named Shakti. This Sakthi Pola yarumilla is a new mega serial. Sakthi is a talented, different, jovial, unique, realistic, lovable, and good minded like her only one exist in this world. And if you want to see her, watch her only on ...

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Nadhaswaram 30-09-2014 -Sun TV

Nadhaswaram spins around two families where each day there is an issue or an issue rolling out with one of the relatives. The issues are understood by the Hero with the assistance of his father and wife,Sun TV Tamil Serial Nadhaswaram

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Office Season 2 Promo

(Karthik) is a city kid who had requisitioned an occupation in an office. Raji ( Shruthi Raj ) is a village young lady who is presently in the city. She too had requested an occupation in an office. Their provisions were acknowledged by the workplace administrator. In the workplace, there are heaps of aggregations so Karthik, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Raji, Kaushik ...

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Madhubala 01-10-2014 – Polimer Tv

Madhubala is a story of a young lady who was conceived on a film set and has from that point forward experienced childhood in nature’s turf. A regular young lady with no desire, without style, Madhu is blissful as a beautician however everything changes when she meets RK, a heading superstar.the serial is named and airing in Tamil as Madhubala ...

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Mahabharatham 01-10-2014 – Vijay Tv

Mahabharatham | மகாபாரதம்! Arjunan impresses Indhiran and ask him to build a city named after Indhiran. The people gets back their life. Agni Devar offers a bow to Arjunan. Virishali gets rescued by Karnan’s dad and gets to know that the truth and asks to return to Indhiraprastham. Mahabharatham 01-10-14,Mahabharatham Vijay Tv Serial 01-10-2014 | Mahabharatham Serial 01th October 2014 ...

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Mundhanai Mudichu 30-09-2014 -Sun TV

Munthanai Mudichu’s principle story spins around Kandasamy, whose 3 children are wedded to his companion’s 3 little girls. The story moves onto Kandasamy sibling and his crew. The distinctions on the two families are the lime light of the serial, Sun TV Tamil Serial Latest Episode Mundhanai Mudichu

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Uravugal Thodarkathai 01-10-2014 – Vijaytv Serial

Bindhu tries to make Archana feel bad. Archana and Karthik goes out to see a movie. Archana sees a baby cry and carries the baby. Archana gets upset and returns back. Karthik tells Archana to move on. Archana tells Karthik that he didn’t care about the baby and Karthik is upset by her words. Uravugal Thodarkathai Serial – Uravugal Thodarkathai ...

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